Thursday, August 14, 2008

Naughty and Nice

I have to tell 2 funny stories about Talmage that happened today. While I (Chelsi) was teaching piano this afternoon, I heard a huge cry come from his room. I got up to make sure all was well and was informed by Jeff that Talmage had scratched him and was now in timeout, so nothing seriously wrong. After I was done teaching, Jeff was still lecturing Talmage about the incident and the little guy came into the bedroom looking all dejected and forlorn. I told him to just tell his dad sorry for scratching him and then Jeff would lay off. Talmage immediatedly scampered off to the kitchen to apologize to his daddy and then runs back in to where I was fiddling on the computer and announced, "I told daddy sorry for scratching." I said, "Good boy. We always say sorry when we are wrong, but then we have to stop doing the mean thing." Talmage replied, "But mom, I said sorry to him!" Which I think meant "What more do you want from me!"

Earlier today, I showed Talmage a cute pair of pj's I'd purchased for Cadence. When he saw them, he blurted out, "That's little." I said, "Babies are little so the pajamas have to be little too." I then pointed out all the brightly colored flowers on them and showed him the big embroidered cupcake on the side to which he very slowly and loudly replied, "Oh my!"

Later this evening, Talmage came into my room holding his bunny he had received for Easter this year. It is a small, soft, pastel rabbit, holding a carrot that rattles when you shake it. He held it up to me and said, "This for baby Cadence." I replied, "You want to give your bunny to your baby sister?" He said yes, so I told him to go and put the toy in her bed with all her clothes, which he promptly did. So there it sits on top of our pile of baby stuff, a sweet little reminder to me of how much our little ones can teach us. I just had to take a picture.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy Week Home In Utah

We just got back to Arizona after an extremely busy week in Utah. We had to get all our family and friend time in now because with the new baby on the way, we are not going to be able to come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We also had to have some fun before Jeff starts his rotations on August 18th. We spent the first part of the week with the Christensons, hanging out, playing games, and going out to eat. Talmage especially loved watching grandpa Christenson feeding his birds (Carey has wild magpies that eat right out of his hands). Talmage just loved playing with Amy and really enjoys all the attention he gets when he goes to grandma and grandpa Christenson's house. We spent the latter part of the weekend with the Pulley's, spending one night up in a cabin in Heber, thanks to the Welches, and the next day at Lagoon. Talmage loved riding all the rides at "Disneyland" as he likes to call it. Pretty much any place that has rides is called Disneyland to him. The next day we went swimming and hung out together playing games at the Pulley house. Talmage had fun with his cousins Grace and Kate. He is not very nice to Kate for some reason however, she is tough and seems to take care of herself just fine. We had such a fun week and will miss everyone over the holidays. Thanks for spoiling us grandmas and grandpas!!!