Sunday, May 16, 2010

California 2010

Lets just start out by saying that since we have been married we have been to California/Disneyland on five different occasions. We are big fans. It was especially nice when we were livign in Phoenix because it was just a short little car ride and we were at the gates of Disney. This year we went with the entire Pulley side of the family. We hit the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the beach, and 3 days at Disneyland. It was little hectic but a ton of fun. Talmage developed a firm favorite ride at Disneyland and Splash Moutain takes the cake. The last day before we headed home we rode splash mountain 5 times in a row. Road bumps: Mapquest sucking, washing BBerry in the washing machine, Cadence puking on Jeff's shoe, sunburns, and sand from the beach EVERYWHERE. Best parts: Splash Mountain, perfect weather, feeding dolphins, petting sting rays, panda bears, splash park at bug's life, the return of Captain EO, Chipotle, sword souvenir, and the white chocolate raspberry swirl cookie from the Disney bakery.

Fireplace Transformation

Two weeks ago our awesome brother-in-law came up and stayed with us for a whole week and brought his wood working skills with him. Chelsi came up with the vision and drew a picture of what she wanted and just like that Jardin made it happen. There was a couple bumps in the road but it turned our EXACTLY how we wanted it to. Thanks Jardin!!!