Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

We had a really fun Halloween this year. It was fun because this year Talmage understood the whole Trick-or-Treating thing. Last year he just he just wanted to run and play and this year he actually wanted to score some candy. As you can see he dressed up like a little pirate, sword and all. No costumes for mom and dad this year. Jeff got back from San Luis like a half an hour before we headed out and there was no time, plus we got lazy. If we would have dressed up it would have been awesome believe you me.

Talmage got a full day of Halloween activities. The day started off with Mom making some yummy pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Then Mommy and Talmage made some spooky decoration for his room, which he loved. He kept dragging us into his room to show them off to us.

Later on Chelsi carried on the family tradition of decorating the table with the holiday theme. She also made a delicious halloween cake, because we need more sugar on Halloween. After the cake we headed out to the Stake wide Trunk-or-Treat at our Ward building. There was hundreds of people there and Talmage made a killing. He could barely hold up his pumpkin full of candy by himself by the end of the night.

We ended the evening by heading to Chipotle for a free Halloween burrito. If you dress up like a burrito then they give you a free meal. So we threw a little tin foil on and had a late dinner. Good times!!! Here are a couple of Pics from Halloweens past...