Monday, July 27, 2009

Miller Family Reunion in Idaho

We just barely got back from a extended weekend up in Idaho on the Snake River. We were lucky enough to have us all stay at our uncle Kendall's house. We just camped out on the lawn and played all day. We mostly played games, rode four wheelers, and jet skied on the Snake River. Besides getting a little sun burned it was an awesome time. Talmage had a blast playing with his little cousins finding bugs and swimming. Jeff even got his mom out on the river with threats that if he dumped her off he would die a slow death. It was the best Miller reunion ever.

What is going on with us Now

We know we have been slacking on the posting lately. Here is what is currently going on with us. We have moved back to Utah. Jeff is finishing his last clinical rotation with Dr. Scheuller ENT Surgery. Jeff is graduating PA school next week and we are heading down to Arizona for the festivities. Chelsi has been teaching a couple students here in Utah and totally chopped her hair off. Talmage is having the time of his life in Utah. He loves playing outside and catched bugs (rolly pulleys) all day long. He loves his new friends and is getting spoiled by his grandmas. Cadence is getting absolutely huge. She is starting to get on her hands and knees, so crawling is not far away. She is still the easiest and cutest baby ever.

Called to Serve...

Our little Daniella isn’t so little anymore. Last Wednesday Daniella was called to serve in the Houston, Texas English speaking mission. She is reporting to the MTC in October. We are going to miss her so much but she will be a great missionary. We are so proud of her!

Our 4th of July

So on the 4th of July we started the day off at the ward breakfast party which included a breakfast, face painting, bicycle competition, bike parade, candy cannon, water fight, bouncy house, and blow up water slide. It was good times. Talmage had a blast and even won the bike decorating competition. His prize was a big goofy flag hat that dad wore because it was too big for Talmage's dome.

In the afternoon Talmage took a ride on Grandpa's motorcycle. We are still not sure if he'll ever be doing that again. He was a little scared from the loud noise the bike made

In the evening we played it pretty low key. We had a BBQ at home and did our own fireworks out in the front. Grandma and Grandpa Pulley even came down to join in the festivities.